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Bio: Mad Scientist. Evil Genius. Conservative Libertarian. Has a Heat Ray and isn’t afraid to use it.

This blog is dedicated to (roughly) quarterly posts about science fiction and writing. Since I’m not blogging frequently, I try to make it count when I do.

My Books

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My Blogs

My Decades-old but still occasionally used, LiveJournal (Mostly friends-locked, except for political and recipe posts, and the should-not-be-missed Whiteboard collections.)

My DeviantArt – A lot of early versions of my fiction and chapters from works in progress appear here. Caution: Not for people of sensitive dispositions, prudish, or easily triggered. It can get naughty.

My Anime Blog on Mee.Nu

My Gab

This blog you’re reading right now

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Empty/Unused Sites:

My heavily-censored, no-longer active, stopped at 4000 tweets Twitter  (Which for some odd reason started counting down from that number over time. Hmmm….)

My Utterly Blank Flckr

My Locked-down PhotoBucket for use in other blogs (Now rendered useless by PB holding everyone’s decades-long freely-hosted images hostage in order to force them to pay for third party serving.)

My Completely Unused Blogger that has nothing on it

My Equally Unused Insane Journal

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