Quick Update

One of the usual precursors of the death of a blog is the post that begins “Sorry it’s been so long since I last updated.” But, Sorry it’s been so long since I last updated. Which is pretty sad when you were only shooting for quarterly posts.

Actually, the reason is because I decided to take on a really, really horrible task, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of it. For years I’ve been promising to write up “The three stories that made me give up on Asimov’s” and alas, I have finally located them, and the preceding story for one of them, and a Bonus story too. The only problem is, to do them justice (“Hangin’s too good fer ’em”) I have to actually RE-READ them. And that’s almost a bridge too far….

So you can understand my reticence.

In other news, I’m watching with slight interest how the upcoming WorldCon is unraveling. It just might be that this year’s Hugos will be the one that actually deserves an Asterisk, because they might not manage to have one. One part of the problem is that they managed to drive off the part of the staff that has actual experience running conventions, and the other is the dust-up over the newest fan awards that allow them to bring in everybody, his brother, and their dog in under the umbrella of the nomination, threatening to bankrupt the con under the weight in numbers of people attending the banquet and getting other amenities normally accorded to nominees.

There’s also a notable lack of nominees from any of the venues people actually have to pay for, you know, the SF magazines that have been the cornerstone of the genre since before it was even properly named. Yup, they took over the Hugos, and instead of using them to award the creators of SF, they’re using them to give awards to themselves and all their friends.

This of course assumes the con doesn’t get cancelled for Covid paranoia, or goes disastrously virtual like the last time.

Fun times….

Quick update to the quick update.

The Hugo Noms are out, and I can see why the con chair resigned. One of the nominees has nearly NINETY people listed as being a part of it. If they all showed up, with their +1 for the banquet, at a typical $30/head…. That’s in the range of $5400 just to feed that one nominee group. That’s a budget buster right there.

The other telling thing is they gave a vote range for the nominations it took to get on the shortlist. Those numbers were very low. Of course, with the new math, it’s hard to say if the nominee got a lot of .2 votes or a smaller but denser number of 1.0 votes, since now instead of picking five, you get to divide your one vote up. Let’s just say the totals were so low it was possible that group of 90 voted themselves a nomination all by themselves.

Now the fact that TOR.com swept a Category or two should not be compared in any way to the Sad Puppies. After all, this had to be totally legit because of the crazy new nomination system. Absolutely totally legit. Just like all other voting that took place recently. TOR.com can’t help it if the rest of the sf world just sucks… as far as the minuscule Hugo Electorate cares.