New cover, at last!

Only a week after I uploaded it – although to be honest, they say each time you go through the submit process fixing other things, it restarts the queue on cover updates….

I had to have a new cover. The original “Eyes in space” cover, supposedly meant to signal SF (The space) and Telepathy (the glowing eyes) really didn’t tell you crap about the story.

My friend Sebastian worked with a simple idea I had and then after a few rounds totally blew me away, exceeding my original imagination. I wanted to show the alien character, and I wanted to show the prison situation with her. And yeah, it’s meant to be a little sexy, if you’re into that kind of thing. Which of course is a signal about the contents to those who are into that kind of thing, and a warning to those who are not.

Sarah didn’t like it, she said it made it look like Furry Bondage Porn. But I have to be honest with myself, even with the subtle horror of telepathic manipulation going on in the story, on the physical level, that’s what it is. And in the world of Bondage Erotica, constant sex is not required (Consider, how can a bondage story involving a chastity belt be sexy? To the kinky, it is by its very essence, locking up sex.).

Even the reviewers picked up on that. And of course, everyone’s least favorite internet troll insulted it as “Fifty Shades of Blue” because he can’t tell the brown Al-Natiri from the Na’vi. I wonder if I should try to use that as an editorial review entry….

Now if people would spend a buck to read it, I’d really be happy.


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